The Yorkshire Garden

The Yorkshire Country Garden, you’ll be hard pushed to find a drink that’s more quintessentially British. It’s a wonderful example of the English countryside, with elderflower liqueur, cucumber gin, and fresh pressed apple juice evoking images of endless summer days with cloudless skies, fragrant air and ripe fruit .

Cooling and refreshing, sweet and subtle, this is a cocktail that tastes exactly how you want the sound of clinking glass on a long, hot day to taste. A hint of lime-juice prevents the elderflower liqueur from making it overly sweet, the Cucumber and Mint enhances the Hendrix Gin and brings a refreshing touch and the apple juice brings a huge, lip-smacking freshness which when topped with a tipple of fizz perks you right up.

The Yorkshire Country  Garden

  • 25ml Hendrix Gin

  • 25ml St Germaine Elderflower Liqueur

  • 10ml Lime Juice

  • 10ml Apple Juice

  • 4 Mint Leafs

  • ½ inch of Cucumber

  • 10ml Prosecco

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Callum Houston