Our top 4 Gins! - World Gin Day

Just in time for World Gin Day, we’re spotlighting 4 of the our favourite current Gins!.

Happy World Gin Day! Held on the second Saturday of June each year, the occasion is the perfect excuse to enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple!

To celebrate this year, we’re casting a spotlight on 4 of our favourite Yorkshire Gins in the current golden age of gin drinking. Did you know there are over 45 Gin distilleries in Yorkshire alone! We may be biased but we think Yorkshire produce’s some of the best gin in the country. Heres a count down of our favourite 4 Gins!


Taplin & Mageean - Signature Gin

One of Yorkshire’s newest distilleries, Taplin & Mageean Spirit Co was formed over a Gin & Tonic on a sunny summer's evening in the Yorkshire Dales. There aim with every spirit is is simple: To capture bold yet balanced recipes in the highest quality spirit possible, using traditional distilling methods and modern engineering techniques. This distillery is one to watch!

When drank straight the spirit is both sharp in one sense, from the grapefruit, whilst being earthy and spiced on the other. There’s a liquorice and cracked black pepper feeling and a long warmth on the finishBy adding a premium tonic water to create a longer serve the five spice really pop. Sweet liquorice and aniseed are highlighted, whilst the ferocity of the peppery heat is toned down. Citrus notes follow whilst the Juniper remains big and bold throughout. A herbal, hoppy goodness wafts up your nose on each sip, with a pleasant background note of chamomile tea sneaking up on you.

Tasting Notes: Spicy aniseed and bold juniper notes lead with citrus notes in support.


Whitakers Gin - Signature Gin

Whitakers Gin is an artisanal small batch, handcrafted spirit which reflects the Yorkshire countryside in a bottle. This gin is predominantly Juniper, Coriander and Angelica Root. The signature botanicals are; Bilberries (formerly known as Whortleberries) which bring sharpness, complimenting the Juniper berries keeping the gin character intact: Hawthorne berries, which grow on the trees and hedgerows throughout the countryside, bringing background sweetness: Bog Myrtle which grows on the stunning Yorkshire moors and has a spicy aroma and tastes both bitter and balsamic at the same time (rich like vanilla): Garden thyme which is picked fresh on the morning of the distillation and fresh lemon peel. 

Tasting Notes: A traditional smooth gin with a base of juniper, angelica root and coriander with signature botanicals of sweet hawthorn berries, sharp bilberries, peaty earthy bog myrtle and a hint of garden thyme and fresh lemon citrus.

Cooper King

Based on the outskirts of York (and down the road from our office!) Cooper King are the first distillery in Yorkshire to use vacuum distillation rather than a traditional pot still. Each botanical is distilled separately to ensure that oils from a neighbouring ingredient, or other factors, don’t interfere with the flavours. Usually distilled at around 25°C-30°C to avoid “boiling” the botanicals at the high temperatures used in copper pot still distillation. Distilling at a lower temperature using vacuum distillation means the chemical composition of each botanical’s flavour is not altered, This way, the flavours of each botanical really come through to create a lusher, fruitier style of gin.

Tasting Notes: Pine-y juniper notes lead with floral honey and ripe citrus in support.


Midsummer Nights Gin

We can’t write a post about Gin and not mention our own Gin Company - Yorkshire Explorer and the first from that company - A Midsummer Night’s.

Our Gin has vibrant notes of orange and lime, married with fragrant layers of elderflower, rose and lavender deliver a fresh and floral gin which pays homage to the country’s produce.

To make our gin we use classic principles producing the product in a 300L copper still called Wendy. You’ll notice when you sipping our gin how you are originally hit by floral notes of rose and hibiscus this is shortly followed by citrus undertones which linger on the palate. To get these complex flavour profiles we leave our botanicals to pre-soak for 24hrs before doing a 8hr distillation taking a extreamley small yield of hearts to ensure a unrivalled smoothness to our spirit.

Tasting Notes: Lavender and rose notes lead, followed by fresh citrus in support.

Callum Houston