The Lavender Lady

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The Lavender Lady. This elegant lady is sweet on the lips and light on the hips! Don’t let her beauty fool you though, she’ll leave you with a heavy head the next morning.

This cocktail is a beauty, made with Violet Liquor, lychee juice, vermouth and lime, finished off with a violet sugar rim and a burning lavender stem. Not only does she look and taste great, she smells insane too.

How to make;

The Lavender Lady

  • 40ml Violet Liquor

  • 50ml Lychee Juice

  • 10ml Vermouth

  • 5ml Lime Juice

Add ingredients into a Boston tin and shake. Prepare a coupe glass with a violet sugar rim (rim glass with a lime and dip glass into violet sugar). Fine strain into the glass and serve with a burning lavender stem.

Callum Houston